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You “Gotta” Get Your Hands Dirty

There is no way for a mechanic to fix your car without getting his hands dirty. Engines are full of grease and dirt, and the only way the mechanic can fix your car is to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

Even though surgeons wear surgical gloves when they perform an operation, figuratively speaking they get their hands dirty. They have to get right smack dab into the middle of things to repair what’s wrong with the patient.

Jesus was in the glory of heaven with the Father, Holy Spirit, and the angels. He was praised and glorified. But instead of clinging to all the glory and praise that rightfully belonged to Him, He came to earth and got His hands dirty with rusty nails driven through them. He helped sinners like you and me so that we could be cleanly forgiven of our sins through the saving blood of His sacrifice on our behalf on the cruel cross of Calvary. Jesus rolled up His sleeves and performed spiritual surgery.

Now it’s our turn to get our hands dirty. We cannot afford the luxury of sitting back and basking in the blessings of salvation in Christ while so many need our help and sacrifice. There are people in crisis…especially the crisis of not having a relationship with Jesus through this life and into eternity. There are sinners who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. We need to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. People come with problems, but rather than look the other way, we must sacrifice for them. We need to be vulnerable, get involved in their lives, and even take one on the chin for Jesus as we share the good news and some reject it. We need to care enough to help their hurts. We need to love them as people needing salvation just like Jesus loves them. We need to roll up our sleeves and join with the Great Physician in saving sinners.

So roll up your sleeves: invite a friend to Sunday worship. Tell them about our website that has sermons, articles, and other information that will bless them toward Jesus. Share with them the good news that you personally experienced when you became a Christian. Go ahead – get your hands dirty.


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