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Why Adults Should Attend Bible Class

Bible class is not just for children. Older Christians should hunger for knowledge and righteousness also.

Consider the following reasons adults should attend Bible classes:


1. It helps you put God’s kingdom first.

2. It helps you gain knowledge of God.

3. It helps you possess the mind of Christ.

4. It helps you influence others for good.

5. It helps other Christians influence you for good.

6. It provides fellowship with other Christians.

7. It strengthens your faith in Jesus as Lord.

8. It provides nutrition for your soul.

9. It helps you to obey God’s command to know His will.

10. It helps you to be God’s servant/workman.

11. It helps you to lead your family.

12. It helps you to be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks a reason for your faith.

13. It helps you to be approved of God.

14. It helps you to prepare for the judgment.


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