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I Double Dare You

Children will attempt many stunts if they are challenged. They normally wouldn’t jump that creek, climb that tree, or put all that gum in their mouth at one time if someone had not challenged them by saying, “I double dare you!”

God challenges us to involve ourselves in greater activities than we think we can do. “Why, I’d never be able to teach a class,” and other refusals to Christian duties hopefully dwindle as we grow in our faith. Many times the truth is we can’t do it! But this is true only if we do not rely on God to help us as we express our trust in Him with action.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching some of you go from “I can’t do that,” to “Wow, I can do that!” It is very encouraging and strengthening for my faith to witness some of you launch out to new areas that you were afraid of before. Praise God that He has helped you to grow in your trust in Him as you have allowed Him to work in you to bring about good.

The Israelites did take the promised land; David did defeat Goliath, and the list goes on and on. What God wants from us is not to do every little thing perfectly, (people want that); what God wants is faithfulness, and many times in spite of our feeble ways, and in spite of our own deficiencies, He brings about good if we will trust Him and allow Him to use us for good.

Go ahead, get involved in an area of the work here that you’ve always wanted to help in but have declined because of fear of failure. You’d be surprised what God can do if you let Him.

Go ahead – I double dare ‘ya!


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