A Living Legend

Suppose a member of your family – your grandparents, an aunt and uncle – lived hundreds of miles away. And suppose that it was not possible for your family to visit them or for them to visit you. Suppose they had never seen you.

Your parents are very proud of you. Now imagine that they want to tell your family members all about you. How could they do it? They could send a letter and describe the color of your hair and your eyes and how tall you are. What would be a better way though? They could send a picture of you or a video.

But what would be better? Maybe they could send you to spend a few days with them. That would be the best way. Then your family living far off would know exactly what you are like.

God wanted people to know what he was like. He tried speaking through the great leaders of the Bible like Moses and Elijah and others. But somehow people still couldn’t accept his great love for his children. So he sent a living letter. That living letter was Jesus.

John called Jesus the Word of God. We don’t know exactly what he meant. But we think it was something like this. That rather than sending a letter like this one or a photograph He came in person in the life of his Son. That way we could know exactly what God is like.


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Updated: August 30, 2019 — 12:02 pm