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Think About It

It is humbling how closely related commitment is to evangelism. Sharing faith, even simply inviting someone to join you on a Sunday morning at Walnut Hill, can be a scary ordeal. But the more focused and devoted we are in our relationship to Christ as His disciples, the more natural it is to reach out to someone we love with the gospel. Consider the challenging one-liners below written by “Brother Anonymous” and then pray for God to bless all of us as we serve Him and seek to bring glory to his name.


Think About It…

  •  We’ll never bring all the world into Christ until we bring Christ into all the world.
  •  We’ll have no faith in the mission before us, unless we have faith in the Master behind us.
  •  We’ll never get others to obey the commands until we obey the great commission.
  •  We can’t make Christ mean anything to others, until we make Him mean everything to us.
  •  Let’s not jeeringly say, “Look what the world is coming to,” but joyfully say, “Look what has come to the world.”
  •  We’ll never get excited over sowing seed, till we get excited over seeing the need.
  •  We will have more conversions when we have more convictions.
  •  We’ll never get others to see the joy of claiming Christ, till we stop considering the cost.
  •  We won’t have to pay the penalty in the reaping, if we are willing to pay the price in sowing.