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Stop and Smell the Oranges

In an attempt to establish a healthier diet, I ate an apple, banana, and an orange all in one sitting. While devouring these tasty treats, the individual attribute of each caught my attention. The apple was crunchy and sweet, the banana bright and soft, and the orange was wet and smelled so fresh. This caused […]

Week In and “Weak” Out

Week in and week out many of you attend every worship service and Bible study possible. Your consistency expresses your commitment to the Lord. Additionally, you recognize the need to grow up in your faith and have a great desire to be closer to Christ. Your servant heart also moves you to be here for […]

Did You Say I Can’t?

Mr. William McPherson lost his eyes and hands in a dynamite explosion. He found it difficult to face the world of darkness. God’s word became extremely important to him. He wanted to read the Bible, but he couldn’t master Braille with artificial hands. He tried to read the raised letters with his lips, but the […]