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Satire on Giving from Babylon Bee

Dearborn, MI – According to reports from Plainview Church, local member Matthew Daniels makes it a habit to open his wallet and generously give to the church a portion of whatever money is left over in his budget at the end of the month. Daniels, who has attended Plainview for more than ten years, told […]

A Test of Giving

This bothers me a little. I never had a test on my giving before. ____True ____False I am familiar with most of the Bible passages on giving. ____True ____False When a preacher or an elder gives a lesson on giving, I resent it. ____True ____False At home, we teach our children to give for the […]

“Tank” God

There is a very special lady from a foreign country that has difficulty speaking our language. She has lived through many trials and difficulties as the years have piled up. Yet, she has not denied God nor blamed Him for her rough life. Instead she counts her blessings. Rather than dwelling on the bad, she […]