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“Tank” God

There is a very special lady from a foreign country that has difficulty speaking our language. She has lived through many trials and difficulties as the years have piled up. Yet, she has not denied God nor blamed Him for her rough life. Instead she counts her blessings. Rather than dwelling on the bad, she has a positive outlook. She said something that has stuck with me and has motivated me to think more on my blessings. Whenever I visit her she always manages to work into our conversation these two words, “Tank God.” She says it with a soft expression of humility as one hand points to the heavens.

It is so easy to be negative. There is always something about life that could be better. Some are so negative that I’m afraid they’ll complain when they get to heaven! Wouldn’t it be better to smile and take life one day at a time, counting blessings rather than dwelling on what’s wrong?

There is no doubt in my mind (small as it is) that circumstances do not determine our behavior. We can choose to be positive and thankful or choose to be negative and complaining. God has blessed us so richly in Christ that the good will always outweigh the bad. That’s the secret.

What caused Paul and Silas to pray and sing praises to God after being beaten and thrown into prison? (Acts.16:24) Why did Paul and other Christians get beat up for preaching Christ and call it “momentary, light afflictions?” (II Cor. 4:17) The answer is seen in their confidence of being raised with Jesus to an eternal home. (II Cor.4:14)

Make up your mind – choose to be cheerful and positive in your outlook. Remember, we have so much to be thankful to God for that it is foolish to allow circumstances of this life to control us. This week, at least once a day, raise your hand up toward the sky and say, “Tank God.”


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