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Music devotions

The Goodness of God

The story is told of the missionary to Africa in the 1800’s who sacrificed much and suffered greatly as he and his family served the Lord there.  Some of the natives ran him and his family out of their villages, his wife eventually died of a disease, and he was physically sick and financially broke.  […]

There is Power

One of the greatest blessings we have from the Lord is being able to call on His name for help.  I am a firm believer in saying the name of Jesus in my prayers.  It’s not simply because closing a prayer in Jesus’ name is the right doctrinal thing to do.  It’s not because it’s […]

That’s My Lord

Here is something a little different that is a “lotta great”.  It’s a three-minute clip from one of the best sermons you and I will ever hear. S.M. Lockridge preached from 1953-1993.  His full name is Shadrach Meshach Lockridge – pretty cool name huh?  The clip is from a sermon entitled That’s My King.  After […]

Hills and Valleys

A positive sign of spiritual growth is evidenced when we stay close to the Lord in good times and in bad.  Most of us, prior to becoming Christians, never included God in our accomplishments and victories – He never even came to our minds.  But when we hit rock bottom and were in trouble, we […]


Here is a saying that packs a wallop of truth: IF YOU ARE NOT CLOSE TO GOD GUESS WHO MOVED?  We humans are a silly and selfish lot.  Many of us have wasted time seeking fulfillment and happiness by chasing after the trinkets and temptations of this life rather than spending time pursuing God’s gift of […]

How Many Kings

One of the most heart-warming, moving messages in scripture is about God being a defender of the widow and the orphan. Widows and orphans fit into the category of the defenseless, disadvantaged, and downtrodden. The King of kings and Lord of lords could snub His nose at those who have nothing to offer but instead […]

In You

Jesus, the place I desire to be more than any other in time or space is IN YOU.  There are some luxurious, beautiful, adventurous mountains, islands, and vacation spots around Your globe; however, I crave above everything to be IN YOU.  IN YOU is where everything I’ll ever need or want is located.  IN YOU […]


Time flies so we need to make the most of every day and take advantage of every open-door opportunity the Lord presents to us to bless others.  Christians do not want to squander the time the Lord has given them to live on the earth; rather, we want to make a mark in this world, […]

Love Moved First

Today is a good day to think back to the time when it really sunk in that God loved you and saved you.  Or, maybe there was a time in the past when you’d already been living for Jesus and experiencing God’s love, but then your comprehension of His love overwhelmed you as your lights […]

I Surrender All

Surrender ALLLLL to Jesus?  Everything?  Can’t I just toss Jesus a few crumbs of my life and be ok?  What if I move Jesus all the way up to second or third place in my life – right behind my career or family or sports or entertainment or ?????  I think I prefer I surrender SOME.  […]


It’s amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!  A brand new infant one-week old is already speaking English!  At one year the baby is not only walking but is able to run at an amazing speed!  By the time this toddler is two he’s driving an automobile.  Nassau is actually considering sending this little three-year […]

Rise Up

Oh no – what am I gonna do?  I’m scared to death!  I hope I make it through the day!  This could kill me!  I don’t know about you (actually I do J) but I am so sick and tired of Satan successfully tempting us to be afraid when we should have courageous faith in […]

My Savior My God

How can a lamb be a shepherd?!  How does the almighty, omnipotent God end up in the most powerless place on the planet (nailed to a cross)?!  How in the world does God even become a man?!  Moreover, WHY in the world would God even want to become a man?!  I mean, a human might […]


Who’s driving this bus anyway?  If you or I are driving, the tires are going flat, we’re running out of gas, and the motor’s shutting down while the drive shaft is falling out. If the bus does run long enough you and I will drive it right over the cliff. Do you think maybe we […]

All In

Do you know people who claim to be a Christian but have just enough religion to make themselves miserable?  Oh, they pray at mealtime (sometimes), when there’s no coronavirus they’ll go to church once or twice a month to flip God a couple of coins of commitment so they can get their name checked off […]