Public Safety Updates

September 1, 2021

Masks are optional.  If you are vaccinated, you may sit in the auditorium.  If you are not vaccinated, we request that you wear a mask and sit in the balcony and limit personal contact.

May 19, 2021

Last week the CDC determined it is now safe for vaccinated adults to stop wearing masks and social-distancing in most scenarios, including places of worship. The elders have discussed the new recommendations and decided to eliminate the mask requirement for services starting with this Sunday, May 23.
Masks will be welcome, but optional going forward. Masks are still recommended for unvaccinated adults, and we will continue to exercise reasonable caution in how we conduct classes and events. We will continue to live stream as well. However, we are thankful and excited to return to a more normal way of being together in worship!
For those who have not been vaccinated or who wish to remain in a masked environment, the balcony will now be a “masks-required” area. If you cannot climb the stairs, we will have some chairs set up away from the pew seating and can reserve some for you. Please call the church office – 214-351-3731 – if you need to reserve seats.
We appreciate your patience and spirit of unity throughout the pandemic. Please continue praying for our church family, as well as the physical and spiritual health of our world!

April 7, 2021

It was a joy to see so many in worship Easter Sunday, and we are thankful for your continued
cooperation with our safety policies. Even with so many in attendance, there was plenty of safe space between seats in worship. As we all continue to comply in humility with our Covid-19 protocols, we  can keep moving forward to a more normal schedule.
Also if you haven’t noticed, cases have kept trending downward and vaccinations have been made
available to all adults. With all this in mind, we are happy to announce our plan to return to Sunday
morning Bible classes starting May 2 at 9 am with a few modifications.

  • First, masks will still be required in all common places (foyer, hallways, bathrooms) and we
    will distance as much as we can in classes. But once you are seated in your Bible class, you
    may remove your mask if you so desire. Anytime you get up from your seat, please put
    your mask back on.
  • To allow for increased distancing, Brent’s class will still meet in the Fellowship Hall but will
    spread out across the entire room with all walls open. Mike’s New Life Bible class will now
    meet in the Auditorium. The youth class will meet upstairs in Mike’s old room instead of the
    Ranch House. In children’s classes, we will spread the kids out as much as possible. Masks
    will be optional in those classes. We hope this will allow for most members and families to
    return to class.

Our 10 am worship service policy will remain the same for the time being. If you want to remove your
mask once seated, please sit upstairs in the balcony. If you are sitting on the main floor in the
auditorium, please continue to wear your mask throughout the service.
We plan to intentionally work through our transition steps out of the pandemic. Out of love for each
other and a desire for unity in our church, the elders ask that you continue to comply with our policies.
We believe these steps will help most members feel good about returning to worship and Bible class.

March 11, 2021

Let us start by saying we are very thankful for the spirit of unity in our church. It’s been a trying 12 months, and your cooperation and patience is appreciated more than you know.
Wednesday the elders and staff met again to evaluate our safety practices. With new cases down substantially and many of our higher-risk members having received vaccinations, the elders decided to ease a few of our more restrictive safety measures starting this Sunday.
First, we will reduce the spacing between open pews on the 1st floor of the auditorium. Almost every church we surveyed has skipped one pew since reopening in the fall. We skipped two pews because we had the extra space. With everyone masked during service, skipping one pew has proven to be safe in other churches. It also gives us additional seating for more people to
return. Masks are still required throughout the service except for taking communion in the main part of the auditorium (on the 1st floor).
Also please continue to sit as close to the front as possible to make room for guests and late arrivals. If you are not comfortable with the reduced spacing plus masks, we will have some chairs in the back of the auditorium and hope you’ll use them.
Second, some of our members do have a difficult time wearing a mask throughout the service. Starting Sunday, those who prefer not to wear a mask during worship can choose to sit in the balcony and remove their mask once seated there. We will continue to socially-distance in the balcony, and there is plenty of distance (more than 30 ft) between the balcony and the
pews on the floor. We are also still requiring masks to be worn in the hallways, restrooms, and foyer at all times (anywhere outside of sitting in the balcony).
We believe these steps are appropriate at this stage of the pandemic and will allow us to continue worshiping safely in person. We will adjust as the situation changes, for better or for worse, but we hope to continue progressing and look forward to restarting Bible classes and other activities when the time is right. Please continue praying for our church and our world as we walk faithfully through this together.

March 4, 2021

In case you missed it, Texas Governor Abbott announced he would lift the state mask mandate effective March 10. At the same time, he also asked Texans to continue using safe practices. Understandably, some members have asked what this means for our church.
As a church, we were already free of and exempt from the state mandate. Our safety policy was not set by the state but by the elders. At the current time, we are not making changes to our policy or schedule. That means we will continue to wear a mask this Sunday.
You may remember Brent announcing last Sunday that the elders and staff were actively working on a transition plan. As the situation improves, we are considering a number of changes to our policy. We know among our members there is a wide range of opinions on what should be done. We also have many of our higher risk members still waiting to complete their
vaccination course.
The elders and staff will be meeting this Wednesday to continue working on a balanced plan. We know this has been a difficult year, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to begin easing restrictions soon. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

October 18, 2020

We are now having Sunday morning worship service at the church building, following the safety protocol described in the video below.  We hope you will join us!

October 2, 2020

On Sunday morning, September 13th, the Elders made an announcement concerning the potential re-opening for our Sunday morning services. In this announcement, it was communicated that a date would be set for re-opening based on the risk levels currently being communicated to the public. At that time also, the congregation was informed about a video of our safety protocols for reopening, which we hope all have viewed.

With that being said, after further deliberation by the Elders, it has been decided that the re-opening date will be planned for Oct 18th. We want to reiterate that we respect anyone’s decision if they decide not to participate in our in person gathering.

We also want to reiterate that this is for Sunday morning worship only at this time, no Bible Classes, and want to remind all who will attend that adherence to the safety protocols outlined by the Elders be followed.

August 2, 2020

The elders have made the decision to continue postponing the reopening of our facilities until further notice. The elders will continually monitor the virus situation in an effort to determine when it is deemed practical and safe to commence “live” services based on the recommendations of the government and medical authorities and, of course, their own judgment of what is appropriate and safe for our congregation. The congregation may be assured that every effort will be made to reopen our facilities when it is appropriate and safe to do so.

June 26, 2020

Our elders met to discuss when we might reopen for in-person services on Wednesday.  We are targeting August 2 for our first service back together.  This is a tentative date.  The staff will begin preparations for safe worship together for August 2, and we certainly hope all goes as planned.  Of course, as new information is released from the CDC, etc. the elders may need to adjust the reopening date.  We will continue to keep you informed along the way.

We do want to emphasize this: If you are remotely uncomfortable attending service in person, please stay home and continue to engage in worship and study through our online broadcasts.  Some of our members are in high risk categories, and there is no way to guarantee safety.  We will do our best though.  The services will be modified to limit contact and allow for social distancing.  We will do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

If you feel at all like you should stay at home, please do so and continue to worship along with us online.  We will broadcast live services that day and for the foreseeable future.  We will also continue to broadcast live on Wednesday nights.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the office.

May 4, 2020

Last Thursday the elders and staff met to discuss the possibility of having public assemblies again considering the ongoing Coronavirus issue. It was decided that it would prudent to wait a couple more weeks and discuss again. That will allow some time to pass to see how things are progressing across DFW. In the meantime the elders ask that everyone continue to participate in our live services. Stephen Patterson, David Vehon and others have done a great job of making sure our services are super high quality. In fact, we’ve received several unsolicited positive comments from non-members who have visited our services online.  Live Service times continue: Sunday 10:00 a.m. / Wednesday 7:00 p.m. / Friday 7:00 p.m.

Personally, I want to encourage you to share our YouTube Live services with friends and family. Wouldn’t it be something if God used you to save the soul of someone you care about just by passing on our website.

Feel free to call the elders or staff with any questions or thoughts.


March 20, 2020

We will have online worship service together until further notice

Online worship and Bible Study:

Sunday 10 am and Wednesday 7 pm services will be live online at:

We encourage everyone to share the link to our online services with family and friends through Facebook, text, email, etc.

Children’s Bible Lessons:

Teaching materials will be emailed to members on Friday to use as Sunday Bible study with your children.


If you are able to get to the store, we ask members to buy their own communion supplies (crackers and grape juice) or drop by the church office for communion supplies.


Contributions may be made online, there are different options explained on our website at:
Or you may mail your contribution to:
Walnut Hill Church of Christ
10550 Marsh Lane, Dallas, TX 75229

Church office:

We will keep the church office staffed for as long as possible. If you need anything please call.
Office: 214-351-3731
Mike’s cell: 214-533-4266
Danette’s cell: 214-497-3937

March 16, 2020

In compliance with Coronavirus guidelines, all classes and services will be cancelled.

The following changes will be made in the interim:

  • Live online Sunday Worship service
  • Live online Adult Bible Classes online – Wednesday night & Sunday morning
  • Devotional/teaching material will be provided for parents to use to study with their children.

March 12, 2020

In view of the uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus, the Elders have decided to temporarily suspend all services of the congregation immediately with the exception of our Sunday morning 10 am worship service.

Members should feel free to make the decision relative to attendance at that service based on their personal situation. This applies to both the English-speaking group and the Spanish-speaking group. We will reassess this decision frequently as more information becomes available.

Please continue to pray for those affected worldwide and let us know if you have questions.

On Sunday we will modify our communion to meet sanitary guidelines and we will not fill out attendance cards. 

We are temporarily suspending the following:

Sunday morning 9 am Bible classes for all ages and Joy Explosion

Our Newcomers Luncheon

Wednesday:  meals, Awana, adult and teen Bible studies

Small groups, ladies’ dinners, events, etc.

Real Recovery meetings will be done by video conference – Contact Mike Meierhofer.