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Oh, Grow Up

We adults must appear strange to children. We’ve got fully-developed bodies and capable minds to master many tasks. We drive cars, buy and sell real estate, vote, change careers, get married, stay up late, etc. Children can’t wait to get old enough to do all these things. But there are other sides to adult behavior […]

Leaving the Narrow Path

On a recent hike, our group saw a high mountain lake that was good for swimming and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining refreshment. To get there, we had to leave the path we knew would take us home. This ‘shortcut’ as it turned out, was very difficult. There were no footholds, […]

Full Speed Ahead

If I’m your head, make your plans ridiculously big! Be done with the drudgery of placid plodding, low aim, dwarfed planning and mini-dreams. I want you into the word, on your knees, out of yourselves, above mediocrity, below my Lordship, about my business, beyond your sight and full of my Spirit. I want to see […]

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