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Prayer Life

A part of our Christianity that is so important, yet sometimes neglected, is our prayer life. When we submit to God in prayer, we can express to Him our dependence upon Him and be reminded of the fact that we are nothing without Him. What would we do without our Father to lean on in […]

A mother’s hands reach out to bless her children And reach up to praise the Lord. They’re always loving, often praying And ever giving more than she keeps for herself. A mother’s hands may tire, But they never expire in their efforts To do good for those she loves. A mother’s hands may age, But […]

For the past couple of weeks I have spent much time in Psalm 119. It is the longest Psalm and the longest chapter in the Bible (176 verses) so it takes some time to digest all of it. I still have some verses to study so it may be another week – whew – lots […]

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