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Jesus VS. Consumer Christianity

One of the great temptations for Christians today is getting sucked into the alluring consumer Christian message. The preaching is attractive, inviting, and appeals to our selfish side. It puts us in the center of the universe and has Jesus revolving around us, trying to make us happy and fulfilled. It promises life, but it […]

God Is in the Salvage Business

This concept is hard to accept, grasp or practice. “The church is not a hotel for saints – it is a hospital for sinners – an emergency room for sin-blasted sinners!” We are all just beggars sharing bread. It is easy to view the church as belonging solely to the perfect, strong, successful. We joke […]


Each week we are very blessed by God to have new people come through our doors. I regard them as sent by God as He trusts us with precious souls to save and encourage in their faith. Walnut Hill members do a wonderful job of welcoming and befriending new people, but just like anything else […]

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